December Updates and Solstice Fundraiser 2023

Creative Commons License Posted on 2023-12-07 by

To quote a Mastodon user, “if you ran a social media platform in 2023 and didn’t loose hundreds of millions of dollars, you did better than Twitter”. Congratulations, Zeal! Our Mastodon instance is alive and well, and the costs are paid through 2024-02-07.

We also recently implemented a Mobilizon instance for the members of the Zeal Center at This is a platform that allows members to create groups, plan and discuss events. It is also federated, which means anyone on the Fediverse can follow and interact with the groups and events. If you would like access to it, contact me.

Instance Funding

The Zeal Center wallet currently holds 0.69807605 ZEC, so is time to organize another fundraiser, in time for the December solstice. Our previous fundraiser was very successful and covered our costs for nearly 9 months.

If you have found meaningful conversations and new connections on the Fediverse, please consider donating what you can. Every zat counts and it would take about 17 ZEC at current prices to fund the server for the entire year of 2024.

Another great way to support the Zeal Center is to tell your friends about us and ask them to create an account for Mastodon, Mobilizon, or both! They can learn the basics of using a Zcash wallet and join the Fediverse and support decentralized platforms.

As a thank you, the Zeal Center members donating more than 0.5 ZEC during the fundraiser get their very own custom emoji1! This fundraising campaign will be open until 2024-01-07. You can scan the QR code below with your Zcash wallet to donate:

  1. Images must follow our server rules. Please include a way to contact you in the shielded memo of your donation.↩︎