Vernal Equinox 2023 Fundraiser

Creative Commons License Posted on 2023-03-21 by

To mark the Vernal Equinox, I am announcing the first official fundraising event for the Zeal Center. Your generous contributions have allowed our server to connect our community with the broader Fediverse without ads or without limiting algorithms.

If you have found meaningful conversations and new connections on the Fediverse, please consider donating what you can. Every zat counts and it would only take about 7 ZEC at current prices to fund the server for the rest of 2023. Another great way to support the Zeal Center is to tell your friends about us and ask them to create an account. They can learn the basics of using a Zcash wallet and join the over 10 million accounts on Mastodon.

As a thank you, the Zeal Center members donating more than 0.5 ZEC during the fundraiser get their very own custom emoji1! This fundraising campaign will be open until 2023-04-21. You can use the QR code below to donate:

I would also like to remind our members that the Zeal Center Blog is open for submissions for any active member, contact me for details.

  1. Images must follow our server rules. Please include a way to contact you with your donation in the shielded memo.↩︎